Massage Envy iPhone App

App Goals

I joined the project after an initial research period where the team did observation and interviews in Massage Envy clinics and created personas and journey maps. Based on that research, my goals for the app where to: 

  • help members stay on top of their monthly credits
  • add a feeling of value, stickiness, positive progression to the membership
  • improve customer/massage therapist fit

Flows and Motion Exploration

I started by mapping out the the information architecture and creating flows for booking and profile creation. We worked with Massage Envy to design a booking process that matches you with the massage therapists most proficient in the reasons you're coming in. Because the initial booking process has a number of steps, I explored using motion and playful elements to make it feel shorter.  

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What Are We Testing?

I was fortunate to be able to conduct regular usability testing at Massage Envy clinics throughout our design process, but in retrospect I wasn't always testing the right things. I tested whether our booking system was usable, but not whether it allowed people to book the way they wanted.  If I did it again, I'd take a broader approach to observe what entry points into booking people expected to have. 


We did a beta release with Massage Envy corporate employees before releasing it into the app store. Despite some initial login issues, we took the app from 1 star to 4.7 stars! 


Massage Envy iPad Rollout

In addition to redesigning their iOS app, we created an iPad app for customers to fill out intake forms, and another app for massage therapists to manage customers records and take appointment notes.  I created training materials, provided on-site support for rollout, and ensured a cohesive experience between all digital touch points. 

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Creating Training Videos

Massage Envy has over 1200 franchise locations in the US and introducing iPads was a big process change for front desk associates and massage therapists. I created video walk-throughs of how to use the apps and helped storyboard and direct videos to show the process changes involved in using them around the clinics.

Rollout Support

I had the pleasure of being in person at the first few clinics we launched the iPads at to help with process changes, escalate issues, and document design issues that came up. 

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